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Introducing Sculptra, Dysport®, Botox® and Restylane fillers

Botulin toxin injections, such as Botox® and Dysport®, improve appearance by relaxing muscles that cause wrinkles. Restylane fillers collections are designed to enhance facial features, plump up skin and lips.  Smooth wrinkles and folds on the face and hand.

Botox injections block certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes.

How Does Botox Work?

Lines between your brows, on your forehead, on the sides of eyes and lines across the bridge of the nose form over time as the result of muscle activity. Dr.Sais uses botulinum toxin injections to block the transmission of nerve impulses in the injected muscles which results in decreased muscle activity and prevents persistent lines from forming.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox® and Dysport® can smooths lines for about four months. With injections by Dr.Sais's and her team you can enjoy the results of smoothed facial lines and skin without a “frozen” appearance.

Who Can Use Botox?

Botox® and Dysport® are used for anyone between the ages of 18 to 65. The benefit of repeated, long-term treatment with botulinum toxins is the prevention of wrinkle formation.

Additional Wrinkle Treatments

In addition to Botox® injections, La Vida Sana also provides wrinkle treatments like Juvèderm, Radiesse, and physician-grade spa services like chemical peels to prevent and diminish wrinkles. Dr. Sais and her team will develop a personalized skincare routine that is right for you.

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Introducing Sculptra

Sculptra addresses an underlying casue of facial, aging, not just the symptonsE SYMPTOMS

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cells and tissue—for results that can last up to two years.1,4,5,6*

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Achieve a More Youthful Looking You

It’s a part of life — our skin changes as we age. It becomes thinner, loses fat, and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did. Facial aging actually begins in your 20s, when skin firmness begins to decrease as a result of both internal (genetics and natural aging) and external (sun exposure, smoking, stress, etc) factors. As part of the natural aging process, volume in the hands can also deteriorate over time, making them appear aged. 

 Combat the signs of aging with RESTYLANE®

The good news is that you can do something about the signs of aging in the face and hands with products in the Restylane family — to help reveal a younger-looking you.

Products in the Restylane family are:

Restylane provide natural-looking results. Smooth away facial wrinkles and folds and adding volume to lips 

Restylane Silk provide subtle lip enhancement and smoothing the lines around them

Restylane Lyft add fullness to the cheeks, midface area, and the back of the hands which can result in a more natural-looking, youthful appearance

Restylane Refyne & Defyneprovide natural-looking results to laugh lines with flexibility that allows you to maintain your natural expressions 

That means you get minimally invasive, clinically proven, natural-looking results to help achieve the look you want. Talk to us today to determine if the Restylane family of products is right for you.

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Dysport/Botox (Botulinum Toxins) & Fillers: Text
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